Web Site Printing

Due to the variations among web browsers, and the fact that this site uses frames, some users may experience difficulty when trying to print pages of this web site. This occurs because web browsers cannot automatically discern which frame you wish to print.

Here are 2 ways that you can print pages of this web site:

Using your browser:

From a PC running MS Windows:

  • Adjust your browser so that the information you want to print is displayed.
  • While pressing and holding hte "Alt" key on your keyboard, press the "Print Screen" key. This will place a copy of your brower's window on the window's clipboard.
  • Start a graphics program such as MS Paint.
  • With a new or blank image file loaded choose "paste" from the "edit menu". You should now see a copy of the web page as displayed in the browser window.
  • Adjust the image for printing, and then print it.

If you have any questions, or these instructions are not clear, kindly send an email to: webmaster@penguin-inc.com.

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