While this resumè is specific to one of the Consultant/Trainers at Penguin Computing, Inc., it is a fine example of the types of experience that each of our Consultant/Trainers possess.
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Eric D. Piatt

Penguin Computing, Inc.
87 East Broadway
Derry, New Hampshire 03038-2019
Phone: (603) 425-7770 x77
Email: epiatt@penguin-inc.com

Title: DevOps Leader, Coach, Architect / Software Configuration Management (SCM) /
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery / Solution Architect / Programmer
Build, Release & Deployment Automation Engineer / Consulting & Training Specialist

Overview: Eric's passion for positive organizational change, paired with his 25+ years of experience in automation / optimization fuels his enthusiasm for coaching & leading teams to improve their DevOps Maturity. Eric thrives by strategizing with teams to: understand their Organizational Culture, measure & map their Value Streams, identify & resolve their Principle Constraint, and then rinse & repeat to establish Continuous Improvement behaviors.

CM Tools: Git; GitLab & GitLab Geo; Atlassian Jira, Jira Service Management (JSM), Jira Service Desk (JSD);
Jenkins, CloudBees DevOptics; Build Forge; Hudson; CruiseControl, Gradle, Clearmake;
Rational Jazz Platform (CLM): Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Asset Manager (RAM), Rational Requirements Composer (RRC);
ClearCase Windows: 9.x, 8.x, 7.1.x, 7.0.x, 6.16, 6.15, 6.14, 6.0, 5.0, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.2.1, 3.2, 3.11 & 3.1;
ClearTeam Explorer (CTE): 8.x;     ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC): 8.x, 7.1.x & 7.0.x;     MultiSite;
ClearCase Linux/UNIX: 9.x, 8.x, 7.1.x, 7.0.x, 6.15, 6.0, 5.0, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.2.1, 3.2 & 3.0;
ClearQuest: 9.x, 8.x, 7.1.x, 7.0.x, 6.16, 6.14 & 6.12;     ClearCase UCM (Unified Change Management);
AccuRev: 5.3b, 5.3a, 5.2 & 4.9.1;
GitHub, TeamForge, GVFS, TeamForge, SourceSafe, PVCS, Dimensions, StarTeam, Remedy, HP Quality Center, Subversion (SVN), RCS, CMS, CVS, SCCS, MKS Source Integrity, Summit CM.
Exposure to: Seapine TestTrack Pro (TTP)

Languages: Perl, Python, Javascript, HTML, XML, TMS320C30 Assembly, C, AWK, tcl/tk/itcl, Shell (bash, sh, ksh, csh), SED, Pascal, 65C02, XWindows, Motif, POSIX, COBOL, Visual Basic (VB), ARSPerl, BASIC, DOS Batch Scripts, x86 Assembly.
  • Conversant with data compression techniques, particularly LZW.
  • Provided SCM / Build & Release Engineering (B&RE) for: Java, Groovy, SQL, PL/SQL, C++, C#, SAP Hybris, .NET.
OS: MS Windows Server: 2012, 2008 & 2003;    MS Windows 10, 8, 2007, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95, 3.11, 3.1 & 3.0;    MS-DOS;    OS/2;
Linux/Unix: RHEL 7, 6, 5; FedoraCore, Ubuntu, SUSE; FreeBSD; Solaris: 2.10 ... 2.3; HP-UX: 11 & 10.20; AIX 5.3 & 5L; Digital UNIX 4.0e, Ultrix, VMS.
VMware: vSphere Client 5.1.0; VMWare ESXi 6.x, 5.x;

Experience: Inquire for details about consulting projects currently in progress (April 2020 - Present)
Metro State University Denver (MSU) - Denver, CO (Nov 2019 - July 2020)
Raytheon WGS - Denver, CO (Nov 2019 - Dec 2019)
Ooma - Sunnyvale, CA (June 2019 - Sept 2019)
Teredyne - North Reading, MA (Nov 2018 - April 2019)
Sr DevOps Consultant / Solution Architect / Evangelist / Coach
  • Provided day-to-day hands-on DevOps, Software Configuration Management (SCM), Build & Release Engineering, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Deployment Automation & SDLC Architectural Consulting, Mentoring, Administration, Programming, Triage, Troubleshooting & Coaching
    • Leveraging both self-hosted & cloud-hosted solutions for:
      • Git; GitLab; GitLab Geo;
      • Atlassian: Jira, Jira Service Management (JSM), Jira Service Desk (JSD);
    • Writing various utilities & scripts in Perl, Bash, & Python.
    • Value Stream Mapping, Principle Constraint Identification & Resolution, Rinse & Repeat.
Unum Group, Unum US, Colonial Life Assurance - Chattanooga, TN; Portland, ME; Columbia, SC
Solution Architect / DevOps Leader / Evangelist / Coach (Team Fenix: Jan 2017 - Nov 2018)
  • Provided enterprise-wide DevOps vision, foundational principles & strategy
    • Coached Executives & Leaders on prioritizing Continuous Improvement efforts
      • Developed & delivered DevOps Introduction focusing on "The Three Ways".
      • Partnered with Leaders to identify early adopter application teams.
        • Focused on business value, team maturity, and Product Owner support.
      • Enabled each of the Business Units to realize increased flow & quality.
    • Co-developed hands-on workshop covering DevOps Foundations for application teams
      • Delivered 14 workshops to 25+ application teams, focusing on "Lean for IT" (aka: DevOps, Continuous Improvement, & Delivery Pipeline Optimizations), the model included:
        • Visualizing their flow of work
        • Identifying their principal constraint.
        • Defining an Improvement Storyboard / Baby Steps to resolve that constraint
      • 99% success rate based on feedback from attendees, and outcomes from early adopters
    • Provided technical coaching & guidance during execution of Baby Steps.
      • Promoted iterating through the Build, Measure, Lean Loop (aka: Improvement Kata)
    • Coached Product Owners on the prioritization of improvement stories within the backlog
  • Early adopter teams realized:
    • Optimization results approaching $2 million within the first year.
    • Reductions in Lead Time upwards of 25%
Bridgestone - Nashville, TN
Intel - Chandler, AZ
Aetna - Hartford, CT; Middletown, CT; Minnetonka, MN; Pittsburgh, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Tempe, AZ;
            Austin, TX, South Portland, ME; Blue Bell, PA; & Plantation, FL
TIAA-CREF - Charlotte, NC
Manulife Financial - Boston, MA
The Hanover Insurance Group - Worcester, MA
Bruce Technologies - North Billerica, MA
Skillsoft - Nashua, NH
Liberty Mutual Insurance & Safeco - Indianapolis, IN; Seattle, WA
L.L. Bean - Freeport, ME
MOOG - East Aurora, NY; Salt Lake City, UT
PJM Interconnection - Audubon, PA
Lockheed Martin - Moorestown, NJ
Dnutch Associates - New York, NY (NYC)
ComHouse Wireless - Chelmsford, MA
Lockheed Martin Space Systems - Sunnyvale, CA
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Cambridge, MA
Fidelity Investments - Smithfield, Rhode Island
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ITD & OSC - Boston, MA; Chelsea MA
Fidelity Investments - Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Boston, MA
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company - Boston; Toronto, ON; Milwaukee, WI; Clearwater, FL
Omgeo (formerly Thomson Financial - Electronic Settlements Group (ESG)) - Boston, MA & NYC
Intersystems Corporation, Cambridge, MA
Verizon Communications - Waltham, MA
Edocs, Inc. - Natick, MA
OrderTrust, Inc. - Lowell, MA
Stratus Computer Systems - Maynard, MA
Trellix Corporation - Concord, MA
Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Build & Release Engineering & Automation, Architect / Administrator / Consultant / Trainer / Coach / Mentor / Leader (February 2000 - Dec 2016)
  • Provided day-to-day hands-on SCM, Build & Release Engineering, Deployment Automation, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, DevOps & SDLC Architectural Consulting, Administration, Programming, End User Support, Triage, Troubleshooting & Coaching for:
    • Initial implementations, upgrades & redesigns of: Jenkins, Rational Jazz (CLM), RRC, RAM, RTC, Build Forge, ClearCase UCM, Base ClearCase, ClearQuest, Git & AccuRev environments including:
      • Data Import & Conversion / Migration; Backup & Restore / Recovery (Disaster Recovery); Licensing & License Monitoring
      • Branching & Stream models, triggers, security & Perl scripting
      • Process: Improvement, Analysis, Automation, Triage, Troubleshooting, Design, Optimization & Performance Enhancements, and related Coaching, Leadership & Training
      • Schema design / redesign, workflow, coding of Perl hooks and scripts
      • Development Tool (IDE) Integrations (Eclipse, Visual Studio, RSA, WID, RAD, Powerbuilder, ... )
    • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), CMMI, Scrum, Agile, Best Practices & full Project Lifecycle support, including: SAS 70, NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Compliance, FIEA/J-SOX, Version Control & Source Control Methodologies / Procedures
    • Build & Deployment Automation / Continuous Delivery (CD) / DevOps, Code Merges / Continuous Integration (CI), Technical Design, Architecture & Project Planning
  • Taught 200+, one & two day hands-on Training Courses, ranging in size from 3 to 22 students:
    • ClearCase Training Courses:
      • Topics: Base ClearCase, ClearCase UCM, ClearTeam Explorer (CTE), ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC), ClearCase Administration, SCM using ClearCase & ClearCase Meta-Data
    • ClearQuest Training Courses:
      • Topics: ClearQuest User Basics (using both ClearQuest Custom Schemas & Default ClearQuest Schemas), ClearQuest Administration (including ClearQuest Designer, ClearQuest API, Hook & script coding)
    • Other Training Courses: Build Forge, Perl, Clearmake & Unix User Basics
  • Designed, Developed & Maintained: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Build & Release Engineering environments for hundreds of applications / products / projects, including eCommerce and high availability Financial Trade Settlement related applications
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, Massachusetts
ClearCase / Clearmake Product Specialist (April 1999 – February 2000)
  • Individually coached / trained several engineers on effective use of ClearCase, and methods of converting from various source control tools to ClearCase.
  • Quickly researched and educated team members on issues with Clearmake & Java interoperability.
  • Enlightened developers on the ClearCase / Clearmake / Omake / Visual Studio integration.
  • Enhanced & verified the build process conversion to Clearmake, for several large projects.
  • Successfully lead team of 5 to 9 SCM engineers for rapid conversion & implementation of ClearCase.
Intersystems Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ClearCase Optimization & Upgrade Engineer (April 1999 – August 1999)
  • Quickly identified ClearCase environment & hardware optimizations, drastically improving ClearCase performance & reliability.
  • Efficiently upgraded ClearCase from v3.0 to v3.2.1
Banta Integrated Media, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ClearCase Design Engineer (December 1998 – March 1999)
  • Effectively proposed & specified high-end Unix Hardware and Network upgrades, for optimal ClearCase performance and availability, supporting Unix & NT based Java development.
  • Meticulously created and presented: 1) ClearCase Conversion & Training Project Plan. 2) ClearCase Return on Investment (ROI) documentation.
GTE-Internetworking (Formerly BBN) / Domain Manufacturing, Cambridge & Burlington, Mass.
ClearCase Design & Conversion Engineer (April 1998 – December 1998)
  • Defined, installed & configured, high-end Unix & NT Hardware, for optimal ClearCase performance, supporting cross-platform development and multi-platform builds; including OS patches, hardware upgrades, and both client and server software installation and patching.
  • Attained significant ClearCase Administration experience, including system optimization, NFS configuration, system wide trouble-shooting, and critical data backup.
  • Converted 5 major multi-platform projects to ClearCase, from: SourceSafe, RCS, PVCS, CVS, CMS, as well as a homegrown source control model.
  • Trained, Supported and Coached 50 developers on ClearCase fundamentals, helping them to discover the best ClearCase / CM solution for their development environment.
Comverse Network Systems (Formerly Boston Technology), Andover, Massachusetts
Lead ClearCase Release Engineer (June 1997 – April 1998).
  • Swiftly gained Perl, NT, VB script, & VC++ 5.0 experience while expanding & converting a large set of Build/Release Tools, designed to work in conjunction with ClearCase NT.
  • Meticulously developed and implemented several HTML Web pages, containing up to the minute information on Build and Release Status, FAQ’s, & Developer Resources.
  • Effectively prepared and taught several training courses, & supported the developers with Build / Release Tool usage, including specifics on ClearCase NT & UNIX.
  • Expertly Streamlined / Automated the Build & Release Process from 1 day, to 1 hour.
  • Capably delegated tasks, supervised and reviewed both performance and quality, while contributing to task completion, as Lead Engineer of a 2 to 4 person team.
Paragon Imaging, Woburn, Massachusetts
Senior Software Engineer (February 1996 - June 1997). Secret clearance transferred
  • Quickly gained C++, POSIX, and multi-platform experience while implementing a Tag Editor for a COTS Electronic Light-Table Imaging product.
  • Easily learned tcl/tk/itcl and implemented several GUIs for various automated configuration and installation programs, including a postscript debugger.
  • Created a ClearCase process, using triggers, to synchronize source code from various projects.
M/A-Com CTC, Lowell, Massachusetts
Staff Engineer (November 1994 - February 1996). TS/SCI clearance
  • Attained X Windows, ClearCase, Widget Writing, Motif GUI, IEEE-488, and UNIX programming experience, through design and development of multiple device drivers and HMIs, on Sun SPARCstation 20's, for a remoted systems Government contract.
  • Favorably presented system design and implementation to the customer, throughout the extensive formal design and development process.
IDE Associates, Billerica, Massachusetts
Release / Software Engineer (July 1993 - November 1994).
  • Acquired MS Windows/DOS GUI programming experience, through code debugging and feature implementation on a large MS Windows project, providing terminal emulation for PCs attached to midrange hosts via Twinax, Network, SUR, and APPC connectivities.
  • Efficiently redesigned and managed the build / make / source control process for a large MS Windows project, thus reducing the process time from 2 days to 4 hours.
Itran Corporation (became Acquity Imaging), Manchester, New Hampshire
Firmware / Software Engineer (1990 - June 1993).
  • Thoughtfully designed and completed a firmware interface allowing data communications between a proprietary hardware platform and a ModBus+ Token Ring Network.
  • Successfully developed and programmed several speed critical firmware routines for a Machine Vision Product, specifically: Application Change Over, Message I/O, Hardware Debugging, Bootup, Result Management, and User Control Switch.
  • Attentively coded / implemented several shape drawing constraint routines with MS Windows SDK.
  • Created a bulletproof, menu driven installation program for a MS Windows software package, including graphics and detailed explanations.
Free-lance Computer Consulting, Sales and Service, Derry, NH (1988-Present).
  • Energetically designed, configured and installed several IBM PC compatible systems and upgrades for New England area colleges, businesses and private individuals.
  • Mindfully resolved hardware and software system failure and compatibility problems on both business and privately used IBM PC compatibles and Apple family computers, typically dealing with device drivers, address conflicts, IRQ's, memory, modems, LANs, printers, and hard drives.
  • Easily generated sales of IBM PC compatibles and peripherals by custom fitting the system to the client's specific computer needs.
Tools: Agile Central, Slack, TFS, RealtimeBoard / Miro, Flowdock, MS Teams, Veracode, Sonarqube, Hybris, Salesforce, WebLogic, WebSphere (WAS & WPS), WSAD, JRE, .NET, Tomcat, Eclipse, Spring, Ant, RSA, RAD, Oracle, SQL Server, J2EE, JBoss, Crystal Reports, RequisitePro (ReqPro), make, Gradle, Maven, omake, nmake, Citrix, PowerBuilder, Sybase, GNU tools, MS Visual Studio, MS Developers Studio, Visual Café 4, VC++ 5.0, RationalRose, Tibco, TortoiseSVN, SSH, PuTTY, WinSCP, XFaceMaker, Polymake, MS Windows SDK, C6-C8, Klocwork, ProtexIP, Purify, Soft-ICE, VI, Vim, Brief, SPE, MF Cobol, EasyCASE, RFFlow, InstallShield.

Software: Syntax TAS, Samba, Hummingbird Maestro, MKS Toolkit, MS Office (Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Word, Excel, Lync, Teams, Visio, OneNote, SharePoint), Confluence, Hummingbird Docs, Lotus Notes, Eudora Pro, OpenMail, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Unfuddle, Meeting Maker, AmiPro & Act.

Hardware: Sun: E10K, E4000, E3500, E3000, E450, E250, E220, Ultra 1, SPARC 20, 10, & 2; PC compatibles: Pentiums & x86’s; IBM: p5 590, Cluster, Blade, AS400 & S36; HP 800, 735 & 700; Digital Alpha 4100, VAX 8600; TI TMS320C30 DSP; IEEE-488, SCN2861 DUART; BT471 RAMDAC; WJ Receivers & Demodulators, Olektron Audio/Video Switches, HP Signal Generators/Analyzers, Apple: Macintosh & II family.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Computer Science with Business, May 1990
Saint Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Self-financed 60% of college education.
  • Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges, 1990.
AccuRev ACE (AccuRev Certified Engineer) Training, July 2011
Other: Speaker at Atlassian Government Symposium, February 2021
Speaker at AccuRev User Group Conference, December 2011
Co-Founder of the BMRCCUG (Boston Metro Rational ClearCase User Group)
Ask about: Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), Florida (FL), Kentucky (KY), New Mexico (NM), Texas (TX), Tennessee (TN), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) & Virginia (VA).

While this resumè is specific to one of the Consultant/Trainers at Penguin Computing, Inc., it is a fine example of the types of experience that each of our Consultant/Trainers possess.

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